Dehumidifier Calculator

How to Size a Dehumidifier

Calculate how much capacity, in pints per day, you need to dry your room.


3. Best Dehumidifier Sized For Your Needs

This is the best value dehumidifier matching your drying needs with free shipping.

Dehumidifier Calculator | Dehumidifier Size Calculator

What Size Dehumidifier Do I Need?

The Dehumidifier Calculator calculates the pints of water required to dehumidify given spaces and then the Dehumidifier Capacity Calculator finds the best dehumidifier matching the pints of capacity required with free shipping, best price, highest energy efficiency, and best value. In short, the best dehumidifier for your dehumidifying requirements.

For example, you can select a 700 to 750 square foot room size, or a large basement. Then specify whether it’s damp, really damp, wet, or extremely wet, and the calculator will instantly calculate how many pints you need, and recommend a properly sized dehumidifier for your basement.

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